TFiOS minimal gif poster because I like making gifs now. My first own gif frame-by-frame attempt.




I admit that I made a mistake here. They cut their hands, not their wrist. And I won’t cover up my mistake by making up some ‘symbolism’ behind my illustration. I’m sorry if this offends anyone in any way. If you don’t like it, don’t reblog it to stop this from spreading. Thank you.

one of my favourite books

A poster from the new still.

When the day is bad, I close my eyes and pretend that the beams and dots of light painted at the back of my eyelids are stars.
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You were absolutely right to defend your creation. Good on you for having courage that some other writers might not have had.

Thanks so much. What he/she did was hurtful. Anyone would accept constructive criticism, but calling a poem “not a poem” just because it doesn’t have meter or rhyme scheme, it’s not acceptable. And also, he’s been writing nasty comments to TFiOS fangrils, which is so wrong.

this needs more attention

A poster from the new still.